About the founder


Founded in 1978, Dr.Sethi Pharma has earned a reputation for being an innovative, cost- effective and market driven manufacturer. The founder, Mr. Nazir Ahmed Sethi started his career without any strong financial background, but he had great ambitions to serve the nation. His enterprising, innovative decision to manufacture Self Adhesive Plasters astonished the big industrialists of his era. He can be considered a trend setter within the Pharmaceutical’s Manufacturers in Pakistan. Fast forward to today company was able to expand and export to different countries such as: South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Philippines, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, etc. Mr. Salman Nazir Sethi, followed in his father’s footsteps and after his studies joined in expanding the company toward international markets with a particular inclination to innovation and development of non-invasive drug delivery technology.

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