Founded in 1978, Dr.Sethi Pharma has earned a reputation for being an innovative, cost- effective and market driven manufacturer.
The founder, Mr. Nazir Ahmed Sethi started his career without any strong financial background, but he had great ambitions to serve the nation. His enterprising, innovative decision to manufacture Self Adhesive Plasters astonished the big industrialists of his era. He can be considered a trend setter within the Medical Device’s Manufacturers in Pakistan.
Mr. Sethi developed novel and effective wound dressings, topical analgesic patches and bandages experimenting extensively on combinations of selfadhesive, drug-loaded antibacterial plasters which are still manufactured from start to finish. His pioneering work included the designing and assembling of machinery needed for producing the devices on large scale.
Under the management of Mr.Sethi and his son, Salman Sethi was able to expand and export to different countries such as: South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Philippines, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, etc. Fast forward to today the company is developing competencies toward international markets with a particular inclination to innovation and development of non-invasive drug delivery technology.


At Dr.Sethi Pharma we offer our industry expertise and an expanding portfolio of safe, high quality effective products to simplify solutions and manage costs for health care professional. We help pharmacies, hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers, clinical laboratories and physician medical offices focus on improving the lives of patients while boosting efficiency and improving quality with safe and effective products.

With over four decades of experience in adhesive chemistries and material technologies for medical applications using pressure sensitive adhesives, we offer a wide variety of medical grade adhesive-coated tapes and wound care dressings.

At Dr.Sethi Pharma quality process starts right from the procurement, raw material analysis, in process quality checks, packaging, finished goods checks, dispatch process, after sale services to the customer and feedback. As per international standards, non toxic, impurity free materials are used for manufacturing of all the products. The antibiotic gauze is sterilized by Gamma Rays. The organization has been accredited with cGMP, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485, CE. cGMP standards are maintained from experienced quality control personnel and microbiologist approved by the Health Department during sterilization and degassing process. Our approach is hands on and very practical and can therefore respond to all your needs individually and specifically.


Our lines of wound dressings encompass materials used for the covering and protection of a wound. We use sterile pad and other surgical dressings to absorb, exudate, repel bacteria, and prevent infection. Applications also include securing an IV or catheter to the patient’s skin.

Our selection of dry gauze and moist gauze dressings are used to protect wound from additional trauma or infection and to aids the healing process. The medical tapes we manufacture are hypoallergenic, breathable and conformable, with a gentle or aggressive adhesive for short and long term wear. Can be used directly on the skin either supporting the placement of bandages, tubes or other medical devices.

Our tapes also find large application in the athletic world with kinesiology and strapping tapes designed to improve athlete’s performance by decreasing muscle fatigue and preventing injuries.


Target markets and customer groups.

  • Hospitals/Purchasing groups
  • Dialysis
  • Day hospitals
  • First aid stations
  • Pharmaceutical wholesale
  • Medical trade
  • Hospices
  • Medical supply shops
  • Sport injuries management and prevention
  • Post-operative care
  • Company doctors
  • Operational emergency equipment
  • Aid organizations (Red cross, etc.)

Mission & Vision

Our top priority are our customers and employees.
We believe in continuous safety improvement and we provide safety training in every aspect of manufacturing, packaging and storing. Dr.Sethi Pharma strictly abides all international safety standards and regulations certified by ISO.

Our company vision is to build a strong network of collaborations with lasting connection
and long term partnership.

We always strive to expand our established business and to develop new areas of competence for a well-founded success. Our aim is to expand on a worldwide scale with the help our dedicated employees and managers, who embraced our efforts to improve the future of the company. At Dr.Sethi Pharma we strongly believe that success, in any aspect of life, has teamwork as a primary foundation.

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