PAK SUNY FIRST AID External wound care. Each plaster has a non-stick wound pad
that cushions the wound while absorbing excess blood and fluid.
Available in a variety of different sized strips and shapes that are
suitable for all types of smaller wounds.

DISPOSABLE NON-WOVEN FACE MASK Face Mask, 3 ply made in Polypropylene Spunbond and Meltblown
Nonwoven fabrics with adjustable nose strip and flat or round
elastic earloop to give basic protection to the user.


We constantly striving to provide the best resources and solutions to help the healthcare community in delivering high-quality care to all patients.
Dr.Sethi Pharma Industries is one of the pioneering company in manufacturing Wound Care, Plasters, Bandages and Gauzes for healthcare professional in Pakistan since 1978. We have been producing for the local market as well as exporting within Asian and African continents. With more than four decades of expertise in materials science and adhesive chemistry for medical applications, we offer a wide variety of medical grade pressure sensitive adhesive-coated tapes, zinc oxide first aid plasters, surgical drapes, wound care dressings, antibiotic tulle dressings, transparent and flexible bandages, pain management patches, medical sports tapes and post operative dressings, cotton gauze bandages and skin healing products. The plant is located in Chichawatni, Punjab, Pakistan.


“We Believe In Quality Products And Services As A
Prerequisite For Successful Market Access And Essential Practice To
Increase Exposure In The Export Market”

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Dr.Sethi has been manufacturing medical & hypoallergenic medical tapes for more 42 years. Contact us to find out more about the products & services we can provide for you.



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